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We are now two weeks into the 2010 NFL Season.  I absolutely love this time of the year!  Since I have lived here in Arizona, I have become a Cardinals fan.  It has been a rollercoaster trying to stay behind them.  Its pretty cool only living 15 minutes from their stadium.  I know my wife absolutely hates it when football rolls around, just because I become a football zombie on the weekends.  I try to let her watch as many of her girly shows during the week to ease her pain of having to watch football on the weekends.  What makes this season even better is fantasy football.  I’m currently in 2 leagues.  One is a free one with a bunch of guys in the ward.  We play for pride only.  I actually won it all last year!  I ended up playing Cooper for the Championship.  I am also in a league that is ran by my brother-in-law who lives up in Idaho.  I paid $20, and the top two win cash.  I’ve started out 2-0, so if I can keep it up, I might get some $$.

     I am also big into College Football as well.  I find myself every year rooting for the underdogs, so the BCS will be jacked up as much as possible.  This Year is kind of exciting though, because we have TCU and Boise State in the top 5!!  If they can go undefeated it could get interesting.  BYU is now 1-2 and is looking terrible.  I am a BYU fan first, but then like to cheer on any Utah teams.  I am glad to see that the Utes are doing well.  They have a good chance at a big bowl game too.

     Now off the topic of Football.  My daughter Braelyn just turned 2 a couple weeks ago!  She is so amazing and I love her so much.  She was spoiled like crazy by all the family.  We are so blessed to have her in our home. 

     This Thursday, we are headed to Texas for a week!! We are very excited about this trip, because we not only get to see Jamie’s family, but we get to meet a special birth mom who is going to bless us with our second daughter.  I know Jamie and I haven’t been as vocal about this news as in the past, we just wanted to keep it on the DL until it progressed further.  I won’t go into tons of detail, but we are so excited to meet this birth mom!  She seems like an incredible person, who we have really connected with!  I will give more updates later.


Probably about 6 months ago, I discovered a show and a person who has not only made me laugh my butt off, but has also inspired me!  That Person is Rob Dyrdek.  Rob is a “skatepreneuer”. (Skate Boarder entrepeneur).  For anyone wanting to build a business this guy’s example can help.  I am not a skateboarder, and don’t aspire to become one.  I think I gave that up after riding my little green banana board when I was little. His skateboarding is impressive, but his entrepreneurship and drive is what has really impressed me.  I think the main thing I love about the guy, is his passion!  He loves what he does, and he doesn’t let anything stand in his way.  Through hard work, creativity and the ability to dream, Rob has built an empire.  Click on the link below and watch this video about Rob. It’s awesome!


A week ago today, Me, my brother and two friends had the amazing opportunity to go to Washington D.C.  for the Glenn Beck Rally.  What an amazing time!  The Rally started Saturday (8/28) at 10:00 am, but we ended up going to the Lincoln Memorial right after we flew in at 12:30 am.  We thought we were going to beat the crowd, but to our surprise there were already thousands of people already camping out.  We worked our way as close as we could, and pulled up some grass for the night.  Everyone we met at the rally was so incredibly kind.  We were all one big family who came to support Glenn Beck and his efforts to help America restore Faith, Hope, and Charity back into our country.  I could go on and on about the Rally, because it was so amazing.  The rally was completely non political, and the message shared was very inspiring.  We as a country need to restore God back into our lives!  The founders of our great nation were God-fearing people who created this country on the principles of Faith, Hope and Charity!  I left the rally filled with the spirit, and a greater desire to be better.  I also left the rally with an even greater respect and gratitude for those that serve our country in the armed forces.  We are truly blessed to have what we have as a country, and these blessings we have were not free. Many, many men have fought and still fight for our freedom.  I know that even though I am not joining them on the battle field, I can join the fight in a lot of different ways.  It all starts by returning our focus back on God, and by striving to have more faith, more hope and more charity!

     Since I have gotten home, I have read and listened to what the media has said about the event, and I am extremely appalled at their ignorance.  I am extremely grateful that I was able to be there to support this righteous movement.  We made history that day.  I have memories that I will never forget.  I believe that Glenn Beck is divinely inspired to do what he is doing.  He is seeking out the truth, and holding strong to it once it is found!

     After the rally, we were able to stay for a few more days, so that we could see as much of the history in D.C. as possible.  Even though we weren’t able to fit it all in, we saw a lot of amazing stuff.  Here are some pics of the trip!

Coop and I just before the event started.

Jaysif, Weech, Coop, and Me.

Coop and I in front of the Capitol.

Abraham Lincoln campaign banner. Lincoln was the MAN!

Coop and I with Brigham Young Statue in the Capitol.

Me infront of the "Peoples" House.

The Crew and I at Lincoln's feet.


I am a big Glenn Beck fan, and ever since he announced the Restoring Honor Rally that will take place on 8/28/2010 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, I wanted to go.  As it has gotten closer, I just assumed it would be impossible to find a flight and a hotel room for that weekend.  Well, the other day, a guy I know that lives in our stake was cleaning my carpets and informed me that he had just purchased his ticket  for only $260 roundtrip and was going.  I guess he has a sister that lives 20 minutes away.  I immediately got excited at the possibility of attending.  After speaking with him, I called my business partners and we ended up buying tickets!!  We leave on Friday, the day before the rally, and are staying till Wednesday morning.  It is going to be so awesome to witness this historic event, and then also have some time to see all the historical sites in D.C.  I know this is supposed to be non political rally because of the non-profit organization that is sponsoring the event, but I really hope that wont prevent those that are speaking to tell the government how they feel about what is taking place in our country.  I look forward to being one of the million people who will be there showing the government that we do have a voice and we will use it until each every one of the dirt bags in Washington are replaced by people who will up hold our Constitution and listen to the people who elected them!


Here it is the 25th of July already.  I really miss being in Utah on Pioneer day.  Our stake tried to do some sort of celebration yesterday morning, but because it is so hot, they start things at like 6:00 am.  Who in their right mind is gonna wake up that early to go have breakfast and celebrate.  They start things that early while it is a cool 95 degrees outside.  I really love the month of July up in Utah and really despise it here in Phoenix. 

     This Friday, the 30th, we are flying up to Utah for a few days!!!  My oldest brother Trevor and his wife Amber are being sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.  We are so excited for them.  I told him forever ago, that I would be there for sure whenever that great day took place.  I am so proud of Trevor and Amber.  It is going to be a special day.  What is even cooler, is that they get to be sealed in a Temple with so much history.

Today has to be the busiest Sunday I have ever had.  Let me take you through it.  I had to be at the church at 7:30 for the Aaronic Priesthood committee meetings.  That went till 8:30.  Then church at 9:00- 12:00 ( I had to teach….on Sexual Purity).  Then I had a Bishop’s Youth Council meeting at 12:15-1:00.  Then I have to be at a Sisters house in the ward to do some scout board of reviews at 4:00. Then at 5:00 is the Scout committee meeting.  Then straight from there, I will go up to the church for a 6:00 meeting with all the young men and their parents to introduce the new Duty to God program!  After that, we are going over to some friends house to have cake and ice cream to celebrate his birthday.  WOW!  I thought Sunday was a day of rest!!  I am busier on Sunday then I am most any other day of the week.  Even though Sunday’s can be tough, especially this one, I know that they are all things that I must do.  They are all things that help move the Lord’s work along.  I know we are not suppose to be idle…and I have no problem doing that on Sundays.  I am actually shocked that I snuck in an hour nap from 1:30-2:30 and now I even have time to write on my blog.  Well, its time to throw my church clothes on and head out the door. 


I just had the question of whether or not it was “officially” summer yet.  So to answer my question, I first turned to my business partner El Conquistador, and he didn’t know what the friek he was talking about, so I decided to ask google.  Google knows everything!  So google says that in the Northern hemisphere, the first day of summer is marked by the June Solstice.  The June Solstice normally takes place on June 20th or 21st.  This year it took place on June 21st.  So I guess it has officially been summer for a couple of weeks.  Now, that I know that the June Solstice marks the first day of summer, I asked myself, what exactly is a “Solstice”?  One time I stayed at the Alaskan in up in Ogden Utah, and our room was called the Solstice.  That was a great night by the way…Jamie if you ever read this, you were wonderful….anyways, back to Solstice.  This time, I decided to not waste anytime by asking El Conquistador what it was, and I went straight to Google.  The answer is as follows: “the astronomical event that happens twice a year, when the tilt of the earth’s axis is most inclined toward or away from the sun, causing the sun’s apparent position in the sky to reach its northernmost or southernmost extreme.”  Wow, learning is fun!!  I always thought that my June 30th birthday was always at the very end of spring time, but I guess not….its only taken me 29 years to realize that!  As I re-read that last sentence it kinda sounds like I have more than one birthday, one on June 30th and another some other day.  Wouldn’t that be cool!?  I really don’t have multiple birthdays, I just don’t know how to write.  Speaking of my “June 30th birthday,” I did turn 29!  I am now in my 30th year!  That is really crazy to think.  Turning 30 for some, especially my wife, can be the most horrific thing ever, but for me, it just means that we are closer, to when my wife supposedly is going to hit her “prime”.  Even though it just barely turned summer time, it has felt like summer here in Phoenix for 3 months already, and I am not looking forward to the 7 months we have left of it.  I hope everyone has learned as much as I have during this post.  I also hope you all enjoy your summers, as much as I am going to enjoy mine.  Peace out!!


If you have never heard the group “Flight of the Conchord”, then you need to check this song out.  These guys are hilarious.  I had never heard of them, until Coopers brothers in law sang one of their songs at our campout.  Good stuff!  I love it when its Business time! Click on the link below.

Business Time

We just got back from our 6th annual trip up to Utah for the Father/Son campout.  This is a trip that I look forward to the entire year.  This year was a little different because we changed locations from Strawberry Reservoir to Fillmore, and brought our cousin Todd’s cabin into the equation.  Even though it was a little different from years previous, it still turned out to be a blast.  We had incredible food provided by Trevor and my cousin Todd. We had beautiful weather which included a few mountain showers. We had guns and ammo that would have protected us from a large chinese invasion.  I could write forever about how great it was, but I’d rather just finish by saying  that I love my Dad and Brothers so much!  I already look forward to next year!!  Here are a few pictures from our awesome week!

The last day of our campout. Down at the indoor riding arena riding horses.


Me and my Bros! We are on a downward slope that makes us all look the same height. I'm really the tallest!

All of us shooting our Mini 14's. They are sweet guns!!

Chilling up at "The Lakes"

Had to post a cool Fire Picture of Coop and Trev.


Lately, I have been feeling the urge to start a website/blog. Well, here I go! I think it will be fun to have a place where people can read my thoughts and feelings about certain topics. I hope to get the hang of this stuff soon, because right now I am pretty lost at how to do all of this. I don’t even know if I am writing this is the right place. I guess we will see.